A.M. Selulit

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This product visibly improves stubborn cellulite while smoothing and redefining the silhouette.

Effectively improves the appearance of “orange peel skin” (cellulite) Acts in three phases:

Phase I: skin hydration and assists the activation of micro – peripheral circulation.

Phase II: it assists in the activation of synthesis collagen and elastin, increasing the density of the dermis.

Phase III: helps to interrupt migration of adipocyte hypertrophy to the dermis. Increases lipolytic activity of adipose cells.


Protocol and Application:

– Body topical solution – Mesotherapy serum.
– Conduct 1 session every 8 days to get the expected results. (On average 8 sessions or depending on specific needs)
– Apply up to 10ml per session.
– Before initiating any body contouring treatment, Armesso recommends 1 or 2 sessions with A.M. Artichoke Plus.
– Can be combined with any of the Armesso Body products. See related products below to learn some of many combinations possible.
– This product is intended for professional use.


*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Box contains 10 ampoules with 5ml each. Each vial contains 0,169 US fl. oz.
Contains high quality Jania Rubens Extract. (Actiporine)
Cosmetic product, 100% sterile, pharmaceutical quality.

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