Full Contact Laser


FC LASER is a device that combines infrared light technology and low level laser to perform noninvasive procedures that improve the body contour. The device has protocolized programs for fat removal, skin retraction and lymphatic drainage.


The treatment with the FC LASER is fast, simple and painless, recommended for patients who want a contoured and natural body in short time or for those who have stubborn fat. The procedure does not require downtime and does not produce the undesirable effects of invasive procedures such as bruising or swelling.


FC LASER is the best choice for:

Body shaping
Localized fat removal
Cellulite reduction
Skin retraction
Elimination of double chin
Lymphatic drainage
Improve the appearance of skin


The FC LASER is a body contouring treatment, not a weight loss program, so it is not suitable for people who are significantly overweight. The goal of treatment is to shape and slim the body, removing cellulite and improving the appearance of the skin and increasing cellular metabolism that tends to slow down with the years.  It can also be used on face and chin.



By exposing the area to be treated with low level laser and infrared lights promoting pore opening in adipocytes cell membranes increasing permeability and facilitating the movement of its contents (triglycerides, free fatty acids, glycerol and water) into the interstitial space to be absorbed by the lymphatic system who is responsible for directing it to be eliminated naturally or to be metabolized as energy during exercise.

The infrared light heats tissues therapeutically, improving blood circulation, stimulating the fibroblasts to create collagen and elastin, promoting collagen growth, favoring local drainage areas affected becoming the perfect complement for the cellulite removal, skin retraction and body shaping treatment; patients can expect to lose 1-3 sizes in the course of treatment.


Pads must be positioned in the area to be treated and secured with the provided bands, for 20-40 minutes per area. Select the desired program and relax because the treatment is not painful for the patient and the operator can perform other work.  We recommend using the FC Laser 3 times per week for a minimum of 4 cycles.  The treatment can continue through the weeks required by the patient, as prescribed by the specialist. Treatment should be supplemented with aerobic exercise immediately after each session in order to metabolize and burned off the released fatty acids.  Once the patient has completed the treatment is important to keep a healthy lifestyle complemented with healthy eating habits and use the FC Laser 1 time every 3 months for the treatment maintenance.



FC LASER is a device with advanced design and simple user interface, with program for FAT REMOVAL, SKIN RETRACTION and LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE.

7 “Touch screen color display
4 body Pads and 2 pads for facial and lymphatic stimulation.
Diode Laser Wavelength: 660 nm laser diode 34 to 50 mW. Total power 1700 mW
42 LED infrared 940 nm to 210 mW. Total power 8820mW
Preset programs:  Manual Program: Manual programming session time and continuous wave or pulsed selection.


-Facial: Retract skin and fat removal.
-Torso: abdomen, waist and back.
-Legs: Hip and thigh.
Pads connection detector
Language selection between English and Spanish
Quick user instructions visible on screen